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Retirement is your time to take a step back and enjoy a more relaxing lifestyle. But first, you may need to work out your finances. If you’re at this stage in life now or will be soon, it’s ok to ask for some help.


Rodney Spencer is certainly glad he did.

Rodney's story

When I retired, I had a final salary pension from my employer that was enough to cover my day-to-day living expenses. I also had a decent private pension pot that I wasn’t sure what to do with.


I asked my bank manager for advice and he put me in touch with the bank’s pensions specialist, Andy Rowe. Andy was amazing. He gave me brilliant advice and was really pro-active. So when he left to set up Evolution, I had no hesitation in following him.

How Andy helped

My main pension was fairly sorted but my private pension pot was concerning me. Andy sat down and asked me what I wanted to achieve from this fund. He really took the time to understand my situation and find out how much risk I was prepared to take. He also helped me focus on the long-term picture, not just where I was at that moment.


Andy followed up our meeting with a great report that showed all the ways I could access my fund, including annuities and taking tax-free cash. All the benefits and drawbacks of each option were laid out clearly – so making a decision was easier than I’d ever imagined. 


Once I had a clearer idea of what I wanted to do, we visited two different fund managers to see who I felt most comfortable working with. There was no pressure to go with either one, it was my choice entirely.


I chose Cazenove Capital because I could see they have a great relationship with Evolution and I’m extremely glad I did. I’ve been really pleased with their performance, despite the markets having its usual ups and downs. In fact I’ve been so impressed, they now also manage my investment portfolio alongside Andy. 

What it meant to me

Andy helped me get a better insight into what I could do with my pension – not easy when things are changing all the time. Now we meet up every year to review how it’s all going and adjust anything that’s not working as well as it should – and he always sends me updates about changes in regulations that may affect me.


Other than that, I have total confidence I can leave everything in his very capable hands. I wouldn’t dream of interfering. After all, you don’t take your car to be serviced and then tell the garage how to do it!

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Other clients' feedback

“Any queries I’ve had were always dealt with swiftly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Evolution to anyone looking for a good, reliable and personal service.”


Quynh Dunn


“I’d like to thank the team at Evolution for their independent advice covering a broad range of financial interests, and for their personal and helpful customer service.”



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